The Color Blue
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The Color Blue • Posted: Jan 05, 2022 20:31:52Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

I ask you plainly
without intent to judge:
How fare thee during
these disturbing times?
Have you felt that
God protects you well?
Or, maybe fear the Devil
targets and pursues?
And what exactly is
the color blue to you?

Clouds obscure a sky so blue,
soften all harsh shadows,
render dim the brightness,
sometimes for days on end.
Is it God that brings
on the dimming dulling clouds,
punishment for some care
we’ve failed to take?
Or, is it all the Devil’s doing,
pulling strings to trip us up,
causing us to fall
to dismal places
filled with inklings,
fears there’ll never be
an end to this?

Deep the strains of cello now,
reminding us of longings
complex and melancholy.
Tinkle then the piano’s keys.
A hopeful break in clouds so grey?
Will blue eventually shine through?
A hug from you dear friend,
and lover true, would help
me believe it’s neither God
nor Devil, so unkind,
toying with the clouds.

“Paging Doctor Blue,
Paging Doctor Blue.”
Ah, some soul on down the hall
is at the edge of letting go.
I fear that one day
someone down the hall
just on the edge of letting go
will be ... me, even if
there are no clouds above
and all the sky is blue.

I regret I can not
render all the flotsam
cast upon life’s seas
safe for all to come.
I only know that
I have tried to find
some forward portage,
a useful understanding
of what is God and nature’s doing
and what is plainly ours.

Blue is a color we all can see,
a color neither emblem true,
nor totem, nor signal stern,
unless we make it so
with steely thoughts
and held fast feelings
rigid in our minds.

Free all the colors!!
Free every single one!!
Free too our minds
of rigid thoughts
and feelings blind!!

God help us, everyone.
Set all the colors free.

Monday, December 20th, 2021
80.2 mm 217 mm
1/125 sec
f 4.8