Within Nebraska Cold
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Within Nebraska Cold • Posted: Dec 01, 2021 10:39:06Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Amidst daylight colors,
air frigid howling hard
at nose and cheeks and eyes,
feet planted firm on snowy ground,
securely hugged by
clothing warm,
my thoughts do wander.
This life, my life, oh,
have I chosen well?

Years on, I still don’t know for sure.
The dark unknowns are vast.
They ring hollow in my bones,
and have for years on end.
I only know the why of
pitiable struggles I have faced,
and how my feeble brain
has tried to work them out.

Who owns what I do see,
or records that I make?
And, is that truth I see,
or only portions of the whole?
And, if only portions,
is my sole ignorance to blame?
Or, do my subjects
and my viewers
share that fatal flaw?
Because, say I, so much of what
we think we know
amounts to only parts
of all that’s real.

These words I choose to list
below images I do share
attempt to add some context
to what I’ve seen and snapped.
With intent, the blade
with which they strike
cuts both ways,
betraying both my own
ignoble ignorances
and perhaps at bit of yours.
Healthy growth for all
remains my heartfelt hope.

This year is nearly done,
not easy has it been.
But, on whole, we’ve seen
some progress made
in making room for fairness,
justice, care for our lovely planet,
and to thinning darkening clouds
of ignorance, fear, and faulty logic
that hobble humans everywhere.
May next year come
see even more such
progress made.

One thing I know for certain,
if time be taken to reassess
about this time next year
regret would not feel
near as good as
thrill to think ahead.

Thursday, December 27th, 2018