Robert Greigos


People do photography for a variety of reasons. I do photography for a variety of reasons. One might think of life as a kind of soupy play-dough. It's fun to grab a piece of it and try to make something out of it. But it won't do just anything. It behaves according to very strict rules. Feedback loops are numerous and certain in their consequences. Doing photography with honesty and purpose can lead one to an intimate understanding of many of nature's processes and truths. And that knowledge can be not only humbling and inspiring, but powerful.

All of the photographs I present on this website represent a kind of window on some aspect of visual experience that holds particular interest for me and perhaps will for you. I do not present them as the finest or most inspired example of anything. But on the other hand, I will try not to bore anyone. Should you leave a comment, I'll attempt to respond with as much seriousness as is offered. Discussion, rebuttal, questions, rebuke, it can be as interesting to discuss a photograph as to make one. The communicative aspects of photography remain far from certain.

As for the words that accompany the photographs, they sometimes include added information but for the most part are my thoughts as I contemplate the images. I share them with you also and invite your comments, reflections, or rebuttal. Conversation can be so much more than just pointing at things.

Should you be curious about the name for this site, the post A Bit of Background may help explain. My hope is that you read the title as friendly encouragement to judge the value of what is presented against an unprejudiced uncorrupted background of neutral grey.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you visit again soon.

-- greigos



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