Ah, Summer
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Ah, Summer • Posted: Aug 28, 2023 09:34:48Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Well, I suppose if a backyard, beach, or pool isn’t readily available, a park bench will do.

If it weren’t for war, heat domes, wild fires, draught, bad air quality, high winds, dying oceans, melting glaciers and sea ice, hurricanes, mass migrations, industry and banking irresponsibility, governmental institution ineptness and corruption, media purveyed lies and distortions, citizen apathy, arrogant ignorance, denialism, bigotry, fear, and vicious gun violence, this summer might go down in history as both relaxing and memorable.

Slim chance of that happening, I’d say. Especially if you’ve been kissed, groped, doxed, or sexually assaulted without any of your fellow humans lifting a finger to help. Just what do far too many of our fellow humans think life is all about, anyway? Certainly nothing requiring moral consideration, it seems.

I once wrote an article for a Chicago newspaper that began with the epigram “Man is Predator”. I meant it as descriptive of a certain mindset required to succeed in a particular profession. But maybe, despite much of our lives being highly social, at base we all really are just predatory animals, completely rapacious and amoral.

Not a savory thought. I can only say, that’s not the way I run my life. Although, upon deeper reflection, the way I do photography might be said to contradict that assertion. Humans are so so peculiar.

I do hope at least your summer is coming to a pleasant, agreeable, constructively inspired, and socially responsible conclusion.

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
154.7 mm 418 mm
1/500 sec
f 5.3