That Light at Night
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That Light at Night • Posted: Dec 31, 2022 21:42:29Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

No stars or moon shine down.
The sky this eve is dark, so dark,
clouded, cold, wind-swirled,
thick with icy snow,
tinkling ‘gainst the glass.

By summer, the light above
glaring down upon this yard
offers welcome to all who
venture forth, bugs and moths,
some birds, some people, too.

And once a small green toad
had somehow scaled the walls
to find repose clinging to the glass,
intently eying bright light above.
The face of God to him? Who knows.

No drones or cannons sound nearby.
Behind these panes is warmth,
and food and water, a toilet clean,
and place to wash one’s clothes.
Our electrics work just fine.

Within these walls, there is
no envy of the rich. But,
there is concern for those
without resource who seek
escape from harm and fear.

A light in darkness has often
shone the way. It bodes of
welcome, warmth, and hope.
It beckons all toward home
when almost all seems lost.

May friends of all across this earth
seldom go without fresh bread and
water pure. May light in darkness
vast and cold forever beam out
hope, and helpful wisdom bright.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019