Ideas, Safe and Pure
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Ideas, Safe and Pure • Posted: Nov 24, 2022 18:55:48Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

It all begins in womb,
     with sensations felt
     of warmth, and touch
     of snake entwined.

Proprioception is
     how it’s called,
     to sense what
     senses whisper
     soft and low.

From there the message
     travels round and
     down to muscles
     that rebound.

Though not all at once,
     but somewhere
     early up in line,
     a note is taken.

That note becomes
     a memory that
     can be replayed,
     independent of
     sensation new, to
     twitch those self-same
     muscles once again.

Why and when will that
     memory be replayed?
     In order to maintain
     a form of comfort.
     By name, homeostasis,
     or “steady as she goes”.

Sense, sense, and more
     sensations bombard
     our blossoming brains.
     What to do?
     Which way to turn?

More and more, notes are taken
     as reflexes are delayed.
     Cry out, we do, in
     great displeasure.

Just how, how was comfort lost?
     And how again
     can it be found?

In vain, we rummage through
     all memories, left and right.
     No help is coming from without.
     They understand us not?
     Perhaps not even care?

Desperate now, we try some
     harebrained combination
     hoping it might work.

Oh my, it works. Take note.
     In fact, take special note.
     Put a label on it.
     We’ll call it “good idea”.

Hooray. Call forth all “good ideas”.
     We need them every day.

But even more than that,
     we need them keep us all,
     safe and pure of causing harm.

Hail Hail all “good ideas”
     as stagger ever onward we,
     through all life’s trying tests
     and scary stark unknowns.

Saturday, October 1st, 2022