Soon Gone midst Flash and Boom?
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Soon Gone midst Flash and Boom? • Posted: Feb 15, 2022 13:19:23Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Tomorrow, or one day hence,
     a bell will sound.
Some few will hear that clang,
     begin a menaced march.
Lethality the threat will be
     to all who stand in way.
Warned, we all have been.
     No heed have taken we.

Leaders? Oh sure, we do have some.
     Elected they have been.
And, to what purpose did we choose?
     Selected to do what?
Keep us safe, you say?
     But, how can that be,
if all warnings we ignore?
     Oh. They’re on the take, you say?

And so, what adjustments
     should we then make?
Lethal soldiers on the march
     could cast their flames toward us.
Grab our guns or head for cover?
     Seems a game we all will lose.
“No one wins at war,” as oft is said.
     Pity, truth we don’t take heart.

Great armies, even great regimes
     may come to flower, but then they fail.
Eaten all from inside out, ’tis the usual rule.
     Every soldier, every leader
lording o’er subjected souls
     strive for ever bigger take.
Like tree diseased, a rot takes hold.
     Eventually, it falls.

Commodities almost always lost?
     Trust and fairness true.
No one wants to kiss another’s boots.
     And no one will for long.
But hey, a burden shared,
     you take one end while I another,
now that holds promise,
     a blissful peace that’s shared.

But, take too much, you’ll lose my trust.
     That’s the way I measure fair.
Pollute my air, destroy my land?
     You’ve taken way too much.
I have a friend. You hurt my friend?
     You’ve taken way too much.
You have a dream that undermines my own?
     Again, you’ve taken way too much.

All those soldiers amassed with guns,
     why do they risk their lives?
Likely all have burdens far too great to bear.
     What if we offer each some help?
You take on a bit of mine while
     I’ll attend to some of yours.
Together, we’ll improve both lives,
     diminish struggles all way round.

A bell has sounded, hear it now?
     Lethal soldiers on the march.
They’ll likely come toward us.
     What do you propose we do?
Trust and fairness? They’ve bit the dust.
     What can we do to set them right?
Perhaps a pledge to help and share?
     Would that preserve the peace for us?

Monday, February 10th, 2020