When a Rooster Crows
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When a Rooster Crows • Posted: May 18, 2021 18:08:55Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

When a rooster crows,
     cracking the morning air,
     full throated and proud,
when a horse prances, whinnies,
     vigorously shakes his head, then
     defiantly gallops across the field,
when an eagle soars into the blue
     out across lush green, high above
     fences and trees, banking
     on currents of mountain air,

It is the full expression of who they are,
     the unfettered full expression
     of all their potential for being
     in this too often frustrating,
     sometimes crippling world of ours.

When a biker lays on a new tattoo,
     guzzles another beer, then
     ear-splittingly revs his Harley,
drops it into gear without releasing the brake,
     then tire-screamingly lays a rooster tail
     of acrid white smoke high into the air,

It is the full expression of who he is,
     the full unfettered expression
     of all his frustrated potential for being
     in this too often hobbling,
     sometimes crippling world of ours.

When an incensed Gazan crouched
     in a tunnel rages so violently
     against caged oppression that he
     fires volley after volley of lethal
     rockets through the hot night air
     toward his decades long oppressors,

It is the unmasked full expression of who he is,
     the hope-hollow expression of lost dreams,
     lost comrades, lost family, lost homes,
     lost opportunity, lost hope, in this
     too often crippling world of ours.

When an Israeli jet screams across the sky
     firing devastating armaments into
     crumbing close-huddled buildings
     edged along a quiet blue sea,
     crushing and killing all who have
     not had time to flee, or have refused to,

Is that really the full expression of who the Israeli
     people are? The Israeli people who have
     suffered and defied hobbling crippling
     insulting threatening lethal oppression of their own
     for as long as troubled history records?

What would this frustrating, crippling, sometimes lethal
     world of ours look like if there were space
     for each of us to crow like the rooster,
     gallop like the horse, soar like the eagle
     on each and every Spring morning
     as lush and fresh as this?

And how would we, if we so desired, create that space?
     Would we clear more forests?
     Burn more grassland?
     Kill off more creatures?
     Pollute more waters?
     Foul more air?
     Blot out the sun?

Would that be the full expression of who we are?
     the fullest, noblest, wisest, most creative,
     most accommodating expression of
     who we really are as aspiring human beings
     on this too often frustrating, hobbling,
     sometimes crippling lethal world of ours?

Saturday, May 12th, 2018