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Words • Posted: May 01, 2021 15:00:08Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Touch me
I cannot hear you
Clarinets are way too loud

Crisp then warm, the breeze
Can you smell the rain?
Feel the grass between our toes?

So loud the tympani
Pounding in our bones
Trumpets blast like ice

Your touch, so soft
Your kisses, sweet
I hold you now
Hold me too

What colors do you see?
With eyes wide open?
And now with closed?

So far we’ve come
Long time has passed
Your face is older now,
the face I know, so dear

Many times I’ve
seen you smile
It never tires, that
sparkle in your eyes

So much glee springs forth
when you do laugh
at sillinesses I invent

We two, each one of us,
have suffered loss
and strain and stress,
disappointments many

But when I feel your touch
Hold you in my arms
See endearment in your eyes

There is no pain,
no sense of loss,
no fear of what’s to come

Tympani can pound
Trumpets slice the air
Flutes and clarinets chatter on

We are harmony and counterpoint
No melody do we need
Touch and taste and light
Provide for futures bright

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017