Snow and Cold at Water’s Edge
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Snow and Cold at Water’s Edge • Posted: Feb 14, 2019 20:56:18Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

The sky is bright.
     Bitter cold, the air.
Snow encrusts huge waves
     frozen at their break.
Naked trees embroider
     round the shore.
Beach grasses, tall, etch
     the unmarked white.
One cannot deny,
     fresh and clean the scene.
T’was wholly different
     night before.
Bad dreams took hold
     and she walked out the door.

Whence come the demons
     of the night?
Is it fear that summons
     them to bear?
But, why the fear?
     Fear of what?
We talk, we share,
     we laugh and touch.
I’ve never known a
     dearer ear.
The warmth she brings
     could light a fire.
And, hardy strong she is,
     in spite her mounting ire.

Perhaps that is the source
     of fear within?
Will my untamed ineptitude
     push her to point of break?
If so, what shall I do?
     The die is set for me.
I bend as grasses on
     this beach.
I reach for wisdom
     throughout our days.
I give to her in every
     way I can.
But, I cannot be more
     than crippled man I am.

Last night, that dream,
     it was a ghost.
She has not left us yet.
     I think perhaps she feels
that maybe this time round
     she’s finally found her home.
I only hope it’s so.
     Yet deep inside a twinge.
Perhaps my all will never be
     what most she does adore.
Oh, those demons ...
     They plague me still.
So chill this beach has now become,
     on such a lovely morn.

Sunday, February 9th, 2014