Fading Light
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Just after sunset,
     while the sky still glows
     stark colors diminish,
     shadows disappear,
     textures soften,
     once distinct shapes
     huddle and merge,
     gentle breeze subsides,
     and warmth of day
     sets forth to dissipate.

Magic time is ended.

Yes, the end has been spectacular
     with threads from all direction
     elongating, darkening,
     bursting into flame on end
     or all along one side,
     while white fluff clouds
     turn yellow, then orange,
     and finally flame to crimson,
     all against a sky, once pale,
     turned deep and vibrant,
     fading at last
     to soft indigo
     and gypsum.

This day has surely spoken:
     “Now is never here to stay.”

True, transitions can be harsh,
     unsettlingly, abrupt,
     but sometimes they do
     descend upon us gently,
     post attention grabbing
     celebrations of light
     and sound and smell.

And so, within enshrouding darkness,
     with less assault upon the senses,
     we begin to sort the day’s occurrence,
     perhaps to fume and fuss,
     or maybe smile to think
     perhaps not all is pride
     and callused efforts
     to serve thy selfish self.

As slumber comes to us,
     our brains may ask and wonder:
     what might the next day bring?
     We cannot know for sure,
     so very little’s left to us.
     We can only mix and match,
     from possibilities
     of which we are aware.
     Perhaps, in dreams
     we’ll test their weight
     and savor tastes
     we’ll want to share.

And when we reawaken,
     dawn will bring on fresh transition,
     a chance to set a new direction.
     What was good must be protected.
     What’s gone wrong must be corrected.
     And something new must be added, too.
     Not just for us,
     but others, too.
     Not something grand and big,
     just plain and good will do,
     a nice addition to the day.
     for all arrived,
     for all to come.
     All in hopes that good will grow
     as magic born of inspiration sewn.

Fade now the light.
This day is gone.
Bring on the night.
In dreams, in lovely dreams,
our days anew will brew.

Friday, March 2nd, 2018