Night Bloom
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Night Bloom • Posted: Jun 25, 2013 00:15:05Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

I have a friend who, on warm summer nights, will stand naked in her garden and listen to the dew fall, sniff the scent of blossoms, and tingle at the brush of insect wings upon her skin. She needs no human lover to caress her. Light from the moon takes her hand and leads her into sumptuous darkness. She thrills at the blush of life come upon her. One by one she notes the swaying stems, leaves, and petals of her beloved plants and trees. They are not indifferent to her. They ooze a warm acceptance that invites her to join their dance upon night's damp air. She touches and strokes their tender textures as she moves amongst them. Their sweet oozing warmth increases. A bird calls from dark distance. She pauses, listens, and smiles. If her voice could make such sounds, she would acknowledge that all is well, exceptionally well.

Each time we sleep, our minds fill with thoughts, images, sounds, and stories, the consequence of our brains converting to long term memory experiences from our day. We wake to wonder at the strangeness and potential meaning of our dreams. We muse over what it might be like to wander, fully awake, through such landscapes. And yet, here on quiet summer evenings, perhaps without shoes or clothes, in light too dim for clear seeing, we could wander amongst things wholly strange to us, as strange as landscapes in our dreams, worlds that exist unseen beneath the surface of what we think we know.

The universe we inhabit is bigger than what we've been told, much richer too, perfectly capable of doing without us, yet not invulnerable to our callousness. It is, and always has been, up to us to find a place for ourselves within, a place that does not disturb yet provides opportunity for learning and appreciation. There is no cost for such growth. It is free for the judicious taking, just as my friend has discovered.

May you often find yourself with courage to stand naked in darkness facing things unknown, to open your mind to and embrace whatever lies beyond, or beneath, what you already think you know.

Monday, June 11th, 2012
41.1 mm 195 mm
1/13 sec
f 3.6