In the Absence of
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In the Absence of • Posted: Dec 22, 2013 20:11:01Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

In the absence of
     I cannot help but think of thee.

Though light caress the earth before me
     outlining bush and gentle curves
     in muted evening colors,
     subtle candy to the eye,
     my thoughts hark back
     to light within your eyes,
     upon a quip or tease,
     or loving touch of arm
     your ruddy cheek devine.

So are the words of countless lovers
     departed from their home,
     dating back to old Odysseus
     and his beloved Penelope.
     But is it true?
     How can it be?
     What chord was struck
     when last together
     that it still resounds
     within our hearts
     no matter distance
     nor length of time apart?

So too the bird and fish and butterflies
     remember home when temps do turn
     and light in midst of day
     is edged far down.
     'Tis time to chase the sun
     and find connection in the dark
     so the dream of life
     with all it promises
     may gather strength,
     burst forth again,
     resuming wandering foraging ventures
     more ever far and wide.

'Tis evidence of strings we all do feel
     limiting and binding us
     to from wherever we have come.

Though new alliances sometimes are formed
     we cannot divest complete connection
     from all the scarring
     nor endearing
     that attaches us to past.
     They haunt and tug at us
     no matter distance we have roamed
     nor compellingly new
     that we have found.

Of attachments freshly made
     the strongest will in full include
     all the dalliances of our past,
     paying homage, or poking fun,
     all in process of rebuilding
     a thing that's more substantial
     more inclusive
     more of purpose
     more inspired,
     determined to make real
     all the promise we do feel.

If have the chance
     give listen,
     or a read,
     to The Happy Prince
     by Oscar Wilde.

     Though sad so sad
     it does remind
     not all is lost
     when greater worthy purpose
     does inspire.

To all is wished a happy day
     both now
     and on the new.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
35 mm 95 mm
1/80 sec
f 3.8