What Truth Resides Within?
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What Truth Resides Within? • Posted: Feb 02, 2024 09:30:40Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

What truth resides within
     the snow, the new white snow
     covering all the ground, clinging
     clinging to brush and tree?

What truth resides beneath,
     beneath the branches of
     a bush, almost obscured,
     blending color with the brush?

What truth resides within
     the crouching quivering hare,
     fur all a fluff, eyes intense,
     its uneased heart
     beating beating fast?

What truth resides within
     the hawk above, circling,
     looking down, swooping,
     pulling up, grabbing perch
     high out on snowy branch?

What truth resides within
     a young black squirrel
     bounding cross the snow,
     then up a trunk to hollow warm,
     packed with leaves and
     seeds and nuts?

What truth resides within
     the house across the way
     frost upon its window panes
     chimneys pumping steam,
     RV out back beside some swings,
     two cars inside its garage?

What truth resides within
     bouquet of roses slowly wilting
     ensconced in vase antique
     inside my own cold
     frosted panes?

What truth resides within
     the news from radio,
     upon TV, within the apps
     inside my phone,
     far too often reasoned
     less than keen, more
     titillate to persuade
     than search for truth
     and wisdom lean?

What truth resides within
     this book I hold, its
     words I’d never read,
     quiet words suggesting
     there is more, much more,
     for all numb humans
     to discover and digest?

Oh, what compelling truth resides
     within the act of looking, really looking,
     at thoughtful words I’d never read,
     at not so simple goings on outside,
     at all the cold white snow.

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019