A Small Green Toad
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A Small Green Toad • Posted: Jul 08, 2022 19:36:04Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Sad, disgusting, unfathomable
     these days have been.
Humanity lain bare, bloodied, pained,
     drained of faith and angry.
I dare not look into my
     neighbor’s eyes.
There is nothing there
     I’d wish to see.

I read rare books and consider
     photographs, some old.
Troubling, yes. But inspiration
     oft comes from what once was.
Few things remain as in the past they were.
     Tastes, thoughts, feelings linger, true.
Now look upon today. It’s jarring, loud,
     inescapable, unendurable.

Ah, a small green toad has entered
     ‘neath my door at rear.
I look into its eyes and it stares back.
     Is that hope I see, or is it fear?
I smile. “What’s up by you, little guy?”
     Escape from heat of sun, no doubt.
He chances trust. I fail him not.
     To shade of woods he’s gently put.

It is not blame cast round, nor force of brute
     that maintains things lingering on.
More oft it’s intent to put aright
     with gentle caring hands
that finds reward of lessened fear
     in eyes that dare to trust.

What? A snake now edging ‘neath my door?
     It’s young. Be calm. Don’t bite.
In fairness all way round, as with the toad,
     I’ll try do my best by you.

Pray never me that fears without some hope.
     Pray never trust that’s clean wiped out.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017