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Seduction • Posted: Nov 16, 2020 19:58:18Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Well, hello. Hi to you.
     Know please that
     all are welcomed here.
I too have felt the stress
     from what’s been going on.
I too have sought relief
     from some place safe,
     and warm, and kind.
Come, come with me now.
     And I will lead you to.

But listen first. Listen round.
     There is a world
     that you may know,
a dark mysterious world,
     with creatures
     sly and cruel.
However, I can tell you true,
      There is a path right through.

This world of which
     I speak, the one
     that you may know,
beyond it is a prize
     for all who travel
     unto the other side.
Come with me now.
     And, I will lead you through.

Your world, this world is bleak.
     Not so, beyond the dark.
Safety, pleasure, riches, power,
     you’ll find far more
     than you can dream.
Come, come with me.
     I will lead you through.

What toll, you ask?
     Why, there is none.
     Just sleep, sweet sleep.
That’s all that you must do.
     Sleep and I will think
     and care for you.
There is nothing more
     that you need do.
Come, come with me now.
     I will lead you through.

Your friends? Your family?
     All your cherished pets?
Ah yes, oh yes, you can
     bring them too.
     Bring them every one.
Come, come with me now.
     And, I will lead you through.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
Los Angeles/Los Feliz