I Love You, Bombacoideae
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I Love You, Bombacoideae • Posted: Aug 09, 2020 10:57:51Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

I once, if I may say,
a fine idea had.
Ordeal was what I faced.
’Twas all complex and complicated,
messy left and right.
What made it hard was
others believed on me.
I could not let them down.
I needed to come through.

Messy? Not the half of it.
There was no up or down.
Taken all at once,
I was deep in overwhelm.
Close my eyes, you bet.
Clinch my teeth.
Start to sweat.
Oh boy, what could I do?
Breathe, you fool! Breathe!

Eventually, a thought did come:
“One thing.” One thing??
Is that your big idea?
No no, I told myself.
I’m done. Down the drain I go.
And all those others, too.
Never count on him, they’ll say.
He’s worthless and a fraud.
One thing?? Can’t be. I’m so unproud.

I took a long deep breath.
I opened up my eyes.
Well, if “one thing’s” all I have,
then “one thing” it will be.
I picked a thing and stood it right.
I looked it straight.
I looked it slant.
I turned it round.
I set to break it down.

If this my destiny,
then forge ahead will me.
I toyed and played
with that one thing.
I learned it insides out.
I learned it upside down.
And you know what I found?
That thing, it fits with other things.
Look here. You see, they fit.

Some still think I’ve let them down.
But others, they do not.
It’s true, I haven’t uncomplexicated
everything to right.
One thing anew is all I’ve built.
But that one thing,
it sparks for me, for others maybe, too.
Could be a whole new someday mess
will grow from just that thing.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014