You and I
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You and I are very different.
We see things differently.
We react differently to the same things,
     which I really do not understand.
If you were seeing something about
     the same thing I am seeing
     another aspect from what I am seeing,
     then I could understand.
But, you are not.
You see the same thing that I see,
     but understand it to be
     something totally different
And, it isn’t that you are colorblind
     when I am not,
     where you see gray and gray and gray,
     while I see green and orange and yellow.
No, it’s more like I see beauty,
     beauty that gives me comfort
     and inspires me,
     while you see threat,
     or maybe something to eat.
Beauty has no meaning for you.
     It does not compute.
     It does not comfort or inspire.
Beauty just does not exist for you.
We are very different,
     you and I,
     very very different.

I do not rejoice that you and I are different.
     In fact, it bothers me.
In a way, it makes me feel alone,
     alone in a world I cannot share,
     with you or with anyone.
Tell me, tell me what you see.
Maybe I will be able to imagine what you see,
     imagine as you describe it to me.
Does that make sense to you?
     It does not?
     You say you have no ability
     to imagine what does not exist?
How odd.
Perhaps circuits are missing from your brain,
     circuits not missing from my brain?
Calm down.
I do not mean to imply you are mentally deficient.
You and I are just very different.

I think, I hope
     there might be some way
     to bridge our differences.
I would like to see the world as you see it.
Then my world would be bigger,
     more interesting,
     more complete,
     have greater potential to inspire.
No, you say,
     that does not interest you?
     Your world is big enough?
You do not need what I call inspiration or beauty?
     You only need something to eat?
Ah, that is interesting.
     You only need something to eat.
     That is all that interests you.
How odd.
What if I made you something to eat?
     Would that interest you?
It might actually interest me
     to watch you eat.
You eating might be a thing of beauty.
     It may inspire me.
At the very least, it could enlighten me.

What is enlightenment, you ask?
Hmm. A very very good question,
     and a hard one for me to explain.
It does surprise me that you ask.
     One cannot eat enlightenment.
But, it could clue you in.
     For instance, as to where
     you might find your next meal.
In a way, that is what beauty is all about.
     It clues you in to things.
     It makes you richer,
     calmer, more secure.
Beauty and enlightenment,
     they connect to each other.
They form an inspired bridge for you,
     a bridge from where you are
     to a bigger richer, more inviting world
     than the one you already inhabit.
Maybe even one with more things to eat.
     Does that inspire you?
If it does, then maybe you and I
     are not so completely different,
     after all.

that we may share a need for food
     does not in trust conjoin.
     In fact, the opposite.
More likely, you may now regard me
     as some kind of threat,
     a threat that could deceive
     and keep you from your food.
Or, maybe you now slyly recognize advantage.
Enslave him now, your dark surmise,
     for he knows the way
     through this beauty and enlightenment thing
     to vast arrays of food,
     bounty far beyond my needs.

Ah, but why would I want enslavement?
How could your false rewards and punishments
     inspire my search for beauty?
You have failed to grasp the clues I have given you.
     I give. You take. That is your sole insight.
     A truly lame and selfish one, I fear.
Yes, I think I understand you now.
My world is bigger, richer with the effort,
     a bit more dangerous, too.
I have much to share, but you have not.
     Your worth to me is low.
Go now and live your life.
Should you evolve to have
     something more to share,
     I’ll reconsider then.
I may have much to share, but
     enslavement will not do,
     nor would a pittance given.
The universe is large
     with multitudes of paths to take.
I shall not want with beauty, inspiration,
     and enlightenment as my guides.
Pity you, though,
     deaf and blind to beauty,
     hunger, want, and greed
     your lonely only guides.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012