Chill in the Air
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Chill in the Air • Posted: Nov 11, 2016 15:54:54Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Are we surprised? Not really. How does that old saying go? Something like: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American consumer.” I think that about sums up what I think.

If interested, take a look back at one of my previous posts, Not Exactly Pleased, by placing your cursor over this line and I think you’ll see it pretty much hits the nail on the head as to why the vote went the way it did. We live in a very interconnected world, washed over by all sorts of ripples from events far outside our personal control. When we do feel we have some control, most of us act to effect consequences for ourselves, not for the greater good. I believe that is exactly what we saw enacted within the vote on Tuesday.

Some, no doubt, were thinking ahead to a greater good. But, apparently more of us were thinking only about ourselves, using the rationalized measure that what is good or convenient for us personally will be good and convenient enough for everyone else. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. It never has been true and never will be true. None of us are the same as anyone else. One size does not and never will fit all, no matter how cheap it becomes to mass produce one size instead of each individual size needed.

Matter of fact, if you think you might want to start a business, think custom, think bespoke. Figure out how to do that efficiently and you’ll be rich. No one wants to feel less than special. Exploit that reality and you’ll have a thriving business.

So, what now?

The answer is: it’s a waiting game. Right now, it’s his move. After he makes a proposal, the rest of us will put our own two cents forward. He may or not listen and adjust to something we can all get behind, or at least live with.

In his acceptance speech, he said he wanted things to work for all of us. That’s the way our democracy is supposed to function. But, most who voted for Clinton doubt he has the patience or intelligence to author plans that will work for everyone. And, he has a Congress stacked with people who are not in the least interested in having things work for everyone, only for their own special interests. We will have to see how things proceed. Many people voted to end government/private industry corruption that benefits only the few. Unfortunately, that may very well be what we get more of.

In the meantime, the chill of winter is descending upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. Stay warm.

And, I hope every one of you has someone to hug now and again. It both calms and steadies the spirit. It really does.

Monday, November 1st, 2010