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Flight • Posted: Nov 21, 2007 16:59:31Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

The ability to fly is an amazing thing. Even more so if one tries to imagine an evolutionary pathway from walking to flying. But the mind, the mind, it is so very prone to errors. Far more likely flight evolved from swimming, not walking.

A friend of mine, a career Navy diver now retired, trained to swim in opaque muck of the foulest sort, once told me of a rather magical experience he had while on leave in the Caribbean where the waters are often so clear one can see up to the brightness of the sky from depths of hundreds of feet. He was on his own, spear fishing along the rocky bottom, leisurely gliding amongst coral, vegetation, and schools of colorful small fish when he happened to crest a small rise and suddenly found himself floating well out over the edge of a cliff, literally surrounded by acres and acres of clear blue descending hundreds of feet to light and dark rock and sand below. Talk about the bottom dropping out from under you. Few times in his long career was the connection to flying brought home to him as vividly.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
WB i70 Scenic Overlook