Private Spaces III: Mnemonic Connection
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Private Spaces III: Mnemonic Connection • Posted: Oct 23, 2011 20:32:54Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Age 16, the lady dreams of love and eventually a family.

Age 23, the lady tastes the romance of place beyond what she has known. An indelible stamp upon her sense of what is possible, desirable.

Age 27, the lady chooses. Her "life" is begun.

Age 29, first born arrives. Connection with lineage assured.

Age 31, second daughter arrives, family unit complete, story takes form.

Age 34, problems with health and marriage and husband's job. But, story continues. A house is purchased. Long-delayed dream vacation is taken.

Age 38, girls doing well in school. Time alone difficult. Distraction needed and finally found.

Age 41, story takes disquieting turn. Romance dies. Determined responsibility takes hold. Girls notice the difference. Choosing sides very difficult.

Age 50, a milestone passes. One daughter weds. Tears flow. It was, it was all worth it.

Age 52, second daughter weds, midst first questioning her choice. Husband admits longing for change.

Age 53, divorce finalized. Little satisfaction, only loss, disappointment. Story a tragedy? The lady struggles to find purpose, revive her sense of things.

Age 57, a grandchild arrives. That innocent beaming smile. Life makes sense anew.

Age 61, dating is oh so tedious, boring. Arrival of a third grandchild helps make each day seem fresh, new pages in the story.

Age 66, health problems abound, for self and daughters, for grandchild and ex, for friends and in-laws.

Age 68, a cherished friend passes. Memories, memories. They are becoming so much a part of each day now. Maybe no longer seems ever will be.

Age 72, grand children thriving. So many choices no longer possible, so many possibilities now meaningless. Memories, memories. Great joy, but so many scars have been wrought. Memories, memories. When they are gone, we are not.

Monday, November 1st, 2010