Are we prepared?  What do we want?  Will we be railroaded?
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Are we prepared? What do we want? Will we be railroaded? • Posted: Oct 24, 2010 11:25:46Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Next week, November 2nd, U.S. citizens will vote again. Campaigning is intense, but many, many voters are discouraged and apathetic. And those that are enthused, seem hell bent on denying reality, protecting what they've got, and obstructing or reversing all progress so far achieved in the name of responsible fairness. The evil one they point to is government itself. They paint government as too big, too expensive, wasteful, intrusive, and incompetent. The simple-mindedness and inaccuracy of such pronouncements is appalling to anyone with knowledge of the facts and who has considered the possibilities and alternatives. Voter ignorance, selfish myopic concerns, and disregard for consequences is the real evil we face as a nation.

Government works when citizens stay involved and insist on results that are workable for all citizens. Government doesn't work when citizens hand the reins over to a few who claim to know better and who insist they have our better interests at heart. Government works when citizens inform themselves of the facts and open their minds to discussion of realistic options. Government doesn't work when facts are denied and the only options entertained are those that disregard the consequences and serve the parochial interests of a few over the many.

Democratic government is an invention of mankind to facilitate cooperation that maximizes benefits to all, instead of to only a few. It is not intended to be tyranny of any sort. But it does require participation or its decisions will not be implemented, paid for, or enjoyed to their fullest intent. Democratic government will fail when citizens elect to opt out of its decisions. Such wayward citizens invariably hope to selfishly enjoy group provided benefits without accepting responsibility for their fair share of costs. Wouldn't it be amusing to see those who have chosen not to participate lose all rights granted to them by the group, including use of public roads and utilities, the right to own property and run a business, revocation of passport, etc., etc.? Few people realize the extent to which their so called freedoms are a direct result of government policies meant to benefit all citizens.

During the next few days, may you wisely ponder the title questions above and cast your vote for candidates who will earnestly work to make your participation felt.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009