Another Look at Sin
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Another Look at Sin • Posted: Dec 18, 2009 13:28:54Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

Each day, with wariness, trepidation, and in supplication, millions enter hallowed rooms of holiness and purity to whisper to and adore what they believe to be the supreme power in the universe, God. Evidence for the existence of such an entity is strong in stories, art works, and texts repeated, cared for, and passed from generation to generation. According to such stories, pictures, and texts, God is both loving, as long as one remains within His good graces, and vengeful, if one does not. To sin is to wander outside God's grace.

The literature of religion is replete with stories of dire consequences for wandering outside grace into the realm of sin. And within sermon and discussion there is much speculation as to the exact boundaries between sin and grace. But in the end, language, speculation, and story fail us. No one is really sure where those boundaries lie. Evidence is decidedly unclear. Innocents suffer grievously. Trespassers escape with apparent impunity. Our adored God appears fickle.

One of the problems is language itself. Language is an invention of mankind, and only an approximation of truth. Despite insistence from many, there is no demonstrable evidence old texts are anything other than words by well intentioned men. However, if God exists and has created the Universe, it seems quite certain our Creator speaks most directly, clearly, and reliably to us through consistencies in the dynamics of the physical universe. Such consistencies are what the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, the behavioral sciences, and philosophy study. And, the message of those consistencies is the same in all languages, for all species, all races, all ethnicities, all levels of education and mental capacity, anywhere, anytime. Very simply put: learn what is being taught by those consistencies, adapt to their insights, and most likely you will prosper. Fail to learn and adapt, or just plain ignore, and you will be reliably crushed. It is the same message as that of sin in all those old texts, but the boundaries are a lot more clear. Put your naked hand into fire and you will be burned.

The undeniable message from God as can be read in consistencies of the dynamic physical world is that whatever we do or don't do has consequence. There are no intervening factors, no distortions of language, no protective angels. We alone are responsible for our failure to learn and adapt. We, alone, may live forever as a consequence of the wisdom and goodness of our behaviors. Or, not only we but the victims of our irresponsibilities will, without mercy, be crushed and recycled within reality's unforgiving dynamism. No one and no thing is immune. Any religion or belief that allows one to imagine there is no responsibility or accountability for consequence is most assuredly false.

May you learn well the laws of consequence and prosper.

Monday, June 15th, 2009
Santa Rosa